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Burkholder Entering Freedom

Megan Gunsorek

Megan Burkholder in StudioWe have owned and displayed several pieces of Megan's work since we opened in 2004. So when we decided we would like to have more art in the salon it was a pretty easy decision who we would like to feature.

Megan takes a tremendous amount of pride in her art - to the point that she personally positions and hangs each piece herself.

"My abstract paintings are an emotive exploration discovered through a stream-of-consciousness process. I begin with an urge to paint a certain color or draw a particular shape. By adding layers of oil pigmented wax with pastels, fabric, twine, and paper, the surface becomes thick and textured. I impulsively rotate the panel’s orientation, allowing wax drips to mark each direction. Scraping the wax, I incise strong gestural marks, expose previous layers of color, and remove fused 3-dimensional objects leaving behind their imprints."

More Art by Megan

Art pictured above: Entering Freedom; Encaustic wax, oil paint, pastels on paper on wood; 26" x 80"