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The first product available that truly repairs the hair from the inside out!

Olaplex LineA strand of hair is made up of thousands of disulfide bonds that get broken down over time with the use of heat and chemicals.  The more broken bonds you have relates to having more damaged hair.  Olaplex has the ability to put these broken bonds back together, leaving the hair healthier from the inside out.  Each time Olaplex is used it looks for broken bonds to put back together and leaves the hair feeling better and better after each use.

We have several ways we are using Olaplex in our services:

  1. Olaplex Treatment - This is an in-salon treatment using a two step process.  It can be added to any hair appointment and adds approximately 30 minutes to your service.
  2. Olaplex Relaxer - By adding Olaplex to the relaxer service we are able to speed up the neutralizing and strengthening of the hair with the most amazing results. No additional time required.
  3. Olaplex Brazilian Blowout - We have been using Olaplex prior to our Brazilian Blowout service and it really makes a difference with how healthy the hair feels.  Our most dramatic results are on highlighted hair.  This adds 30 minutes to the service.
  4. Olaplex Color Services - Olaplex can be added to any color service to help prevent and repair damage at the same time.  It is particularly helpful when using an extreme lightener such a bleach and adds about 30 minutes to the service.

    Olaplex services are now available by request. 

Olaplex with a highlight

We were able to make Debbie's highlights lighter and brighter and keep her hair looking and feeling incredibly healthy with the use of Olaplex along with the lightener.