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Studio 33 Staff...

Amber Lee Tammy Hurley - Owner/Stylist Adena Strahm - Esthetician David Johnson - Stylist Imani Moorman - Manicurist Jenn Burns - Manager Lindsay Gray - Stylist Natalie Swartz - Stylist Tammy Hurley Leith Fava Jennifer Burns Shannon McCloon David Johnson Adena Strahm Abigail Swihart Imani Moorman Lindsay Gray Tasha Fleisher

Amber Lee - Manicurist

Amber has a great passion for making hands and feet look their best. She has honed her massage skills to give you a more relaxing experience.

For those of you who like nail art, Amber is your go-to girl for beautiful and creative designs.

Hours: Tuesdays 10-6

Nails by Amber

Spring Nails

Nails with Pearls

Nail salon


nail salon

nail salon

nail salon

nail salon


nail salon

nail salon