Men’s Brazilian Waxing aka Manzilian

What the heck is a “manzilian”?  Well…it’s a men’s Brazilian waxing service that removes all of the hair in the private areas.  It can also be referred to as ‘Bro’zilian.

Razor TransparentOver the past decade or so, shaving has become outdated.  It is irritating to the skin and requires constant daily upkeep.  This can leave the skin feeling burned and in poor condition.  Waxing, on the other hand, is an excellent alternate hair removal method that leaves you hair-free for weeks with substantially little aggravation.

Body waxing of any sort can seem intimidating, and Brazilian waxing, in particular, is certainly no different.  It is important to go to an expert that will offer you guidance on how to prepare yourself and what to expect during your service.  As well as what you should anticipate afterward.  Hopefully, this article will help serve as a guide in your understanding of all aspects of this unique service.  WARNING – once you have experienced the incredibly smooth skin that comes from waxing, you will be hooked for life!

Get Prepared

Clippers TransparentFirst and foremost, in order to prepare for your Men’s Brazilian Waxing service, you will need to stop shaving.  The hair will need to be at least ¼ of an inch long and that can take 2 – 3 weeks; so be sure to plan ahead.

Think about scheduling your appointment well in advance.  As soon as you decide to start growing the hair for waxing, call to schedule your appointment three weeks from that point.  If you wait to schedule when the hair is at the right length, you may not be able to get an appointment right away:(

There are numbing creams on the market that some apply right before visiting the salon.  Quite frankly, these don’t penetrate deep enough to really make a difference.  Save your money, time and avoid the mess.

If you are someone who’s skin can get tender easily, it can be recommended to take an aspirin-free pain reliever such as ibuprofen.  Don’t do anything that is known to thin the blood such as drink alcohol or take aspirin prior to your visit.  As always, contact your physician if you have any questions about medications.

A common question is “Does it hurt?”.  Everyone’s pain tolerance is different.  Many feel it’s not as bad as they imagined while others find it quite uncomfortable.  You just won’t know until you give it a try;)

It’s Appointment Time

ApeC’mon!  Don’t back out now!  You’ve already made it through the most difficult part…you are now hairy.  This took patience, now we are looking for bravery.  Get in there and get it done!

Once you arrive you will be shown to a private room.  After a consultation, your esthetician (a fancy word for your waxing professional) will leave while you disrobe from the waist down and cover yourself with the towel you were provided after laying on the table.  Take a deep breath and know that the reward is great.

Each waxer may have a different methodology, but it should go something like this:

some powder may be applied first to help prevent the wax from sticking to the skin.
a thin layer of warm wax is applied to a small section using a wooden spatula.
cotton muslin is smoothed on the surface and used as a tool to remove the wax and the hair in one quick motion.
This is repeated until the desired look is achieved.
A calming lotion may be applied to help sooth the freshly waxed skin.

Hallelujah! It’s Done, Now What?

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 3.19.05 PMCongratulations on your show of patience and bravery.  Now it’s time to sit back and relax with your newly smooth skin and not worry for about 4 to 6 weeks.

After your first waxing, you will probably want to schedule more toward the four weeks rather than the six.  As you get more experienced, you will be able to gauge how quickly your hair grows and how often you will need to schedule.

Freshly waxed skin can sometimes be a little puffy and tender.  If you took something like ibuprofen for pain and inflammation before your appointment, that should help.  If you are a “wait and see” type and you end up with some discomfort, you can take something if you need it.  You can also apply some aloe for immediate relief.  However, these symptoms usually doesn’t last more than 24 hours.

Ingrown hairs can be an occasional occurrence.  To prevent them you should consider using a gently abrasive cloth in the shower and applying an exfoliating product like Tend Skin after.
FYI – Dermalogica makes a great Buffing Cloth that is easy to keep clean and bacteria-free since it can be washed with your laundry.

Some Final Thoughts

Hair grows in cycles.  This means your first waxing will remove the cycle that is visible.  The following cycle is just beneath the surface of the skin.  What this means to you is you may see hair growing back after your first visit faster than you expected.  Be patient!  Over time the cycles all come together and when that happens the area will be completely hair free after a waxing.  PLEASE NOTE:  In order for this to happen, you absolutely cannot shave between waxing appointments.  (Nope, not even a little.)

You will experience WAY less itching when the hair grows back in compared to shaving.  Since a new hair has to be formed in the follicle before it grows out, it doesn’t irritate the skin nearly as much as a sharp, shaved-off hair can.
Bottom Line

The perks of waxing include:

  • No more razor burn or nicks from shaving.
  • No more coarse, stubbly regrowth that itches.
  • Smoother skin than you thought possible.

Written by Leith Fava and Tammy Hurley


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