The Dermaplane Truth

I learned dermaplaning almost 15 years ago and much like riding a bicycle, you never forget the feeling of the smooth glide.  It is a vintage staple becoming high in demand.  What is dermaplaning, you ask?


A high quality, sterile blade is a necessity of the dermaplane service.

Esthetically, dermaplaning is a simple, safe and non-invasive technique that manually exfoliates, removes dead cells and “shaves” off vellus hair, peach fuzz, from the face using a sterile blade and a skilled hand.

Almost everyone can benefit from dermaplaning. It produces an even skin tone and texture resulting in smooth, radiant skin. It is pain-free and requires no downtime or anesthetic. It is safe for women and men of all ethnicities and ages.  It is even safe for pregnant or nursing women who are seeking a higher performance, chemical-free treatment. Only hypersensitive skin or skin with pustular/cystic acne should avoid this treatment.


Your esthetician should be knowledgeable and thorough.

Dermaplaning smooths and removes the build-up of the outermost layer of our skin.  Removing this dullness is called hyperkeratosis reduction. It simultaneously thickens the remaining layers of our epidermis and dermis.This thickening increases the skins’ proteins, such as collagen and elastin, making it an excellent firming treatment.

If that isn’t anti-aging enough for you, lets discuss all the benefits of enhanced product penetration.  Dermaplaning preps the skin for mild and medium strength chemical peels and enhances the penetration of all corrective products for that matter. Retinols, Hydroquinone, Kojic and Lactic Acid help with unwanted Hyperpigmentation. Retinols, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide enhance acne reduction. While Retinols, Human Growth Factors, Vitamin C, and peptides penetrate deeper to give you a better anti-aging result.


Dermaplaning removes the dull surface layer of the skin along with vellus hairs.

Last, but not least, this exfoliation service has the added benefit of removing unwanted hair. When it comes down to the root of it, there are many ways for removing unwanted hair. Women undergoing menopause or hormonal changes can start growing unwanted hair on the face.  Laser hair removal is just not effective for blonde vellus facial hair.  Waxing is still the most common removal technique, but these effective treatments can be prone to problems.  Mature skin and skin undergoing professional exfoliations and use of high quality prescription and cosmeceutical ingredients may be susceptible to burning or even tearing. Ouch!

It is a total myth that shaving your hair will make it grow thicker and darker. This could be why, in American culture, shaving your face may be considered taboo. However, in other cultures women shaving their faces focuses on the benefit of the exfoliation, not so much the hair removal.  Although a hair-free face is a beautiful beginning for a flawless makeup application.  Kate Somerville, esthetician to the stars, is a firm believer in the power of the razor and maintains that the greats such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaved their faces for completely bare skin and an added dose of exfoliation.

If one or more of these skin care benefits is enticing you, be sure to look for an esthetician that has a diverse education and many years of experience.  It is important to consult with a skilled professional that can deliver high performance results customized in a treatment that is right for you.

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