Are You Being Ripped Off by Counterfeiters?

OlaplexAre you buying genuine products?  You may not know that popular hair, skin and makeup products are counterfeited.  Many don’t.  It has gone on for years and will continue as long as there is big money to be made from the success of sought-after products.

Counterfeiters are experts at duplicating the packaging, fragrance and texture so that you are tricked into believing it is the real deal.  However, they leave out the expensive active ingredients that you would benefit from.

You think you are buying the technology and high quality ingredients that make those products unique; while, instead, you are being cheated.

Don’t let the price fool you.  These rip-off artists have gotten smarter over the years and have learned that if they price a product too low, you might get suspicious. If “it’s too good to be true”, you won’t buy it.  So, by pricing the product just a little lower or even the same as it’s original counterpart, it will ease your doubts and you will be fooled into making the purchase.

Over the years I have seen this happen to product after product – Sebastian, Matrix, Dermalogica, Obagi and Olaplex, to name just a few.

Olaplex is what inspired me to finally write this article.  As a hair stylist, I have come to depend heavily on the benefits of what this product can do for the hair and I need my clients to be using genuine Olaplex.  It is the only product available that actually re-forms hydrogen bonds that have been broken by the abuse of chemicals and heat.

As hairstylists, we now have the option of pushing the hair a little further by keeping the hair healthier through the use of Olaplex in three ways:

  1. Incorporating it into our chemical services (color, highlights, relaxers, Brazlian Blowouts, thermal straighteners, perms) t help prevent damage.
  2. In-salon treatments to help prepare or repair.  Prepare for a chemical service when we know your hair needs more strength to prevent breakage and repair hair that has been damaged.
  3. At-home Olaplex #3 to prepare and repair at home.  When we recommend Olaplex #3, we are counting on it’s benefits to improve the integrity of your hair.  If you happen to be buying counterfeit, you are not getting the repair and bad things can happen:(Olaplex #3 has quickly risen to the top of any counterfeiter’s list.  In the two short years that it has been on the market, it is the number one most recommended product by professional hairstylists/colorists around the world!

    Many of these “knock-off” products are sold through sites like Ebay, Amazon (yes…Amazon!), and a plethora of online beauty stores.  While these may be very convenient, you are at risk of buying counterfeit.

    If you want to know you are buying genuine products, go to that product’s website and look for their list of certified retailers.

Is your Olaplex genuine?

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