Coloring Relaxed Hair – Can It Be Done?

Affirm RelaxerThere have been a lot of misconceptions concerning coloring relaxed hair. Can it be done? Is it safe for my hair?

Let’s start with the question asked most often; can relaxed hair be colored? Yes. Two types of color can be used:

  • Semi-Permanent – contains no ammonia and uses no developer.  It, essentially, stains hair on the surface.  It will blend gray hair for 6 to 8 weeks.  Sebastian Cellophanes is a great example of an excellent semi-permanent hair color.
  • Demi-Permanent – contains no ammonia and does use a very mild developer to deposit the color under the surface of the hair.  Therefore, the result is more permanent and does provide gray coverage on most relaxed hair.  Our salon, Studio 33 Salon & Spa, uses Wella Color Touch.

Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent ColorBoth semi and demi-permanent color will not lighten hair; they are both used to darken the hair, cover gray and change the overall tone of the hair.  Another great benefit is there is no need to wait, both can be done the same day of a relaxer service.

Extreme caution should be used when applying permanent color to relaxed hair.  Permanent color contains ammonia, which does not combine well with other ingredients found in relaxers, and can cause breakage throughout the hair.

During my 20+ years in the hair industry I have assisted many women in the effort to have beautiful and healthy relaxed hair.  I consider it my specialty!

David Johnson

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Brazilian Blowout Controversy – Is it FINALLY over?

We have had many questions about the safety of Brazilian Blowout over the past year.  Based on a steady stream of communication with Brazilian Blowout, it has been our belief all along that the service is completely safe when the application guidelines are followed.

Brazilian Blowout has passed every test that was done properly.  It has been proven safe for consumers and stylist by the Oregon OSHA, Federal OSHA, USC Scientist Dr. James Haw and Health Sciences Associates.

Unfortunately, this story is not nearly as interesting as a product being TOXIC, so it isn’t getting the media hype.  Check out this comprehensive, five article, blog that lays out every detail about how it all went wrong for Brazilian Blowout:

The dispatch did happen to pick up on the story about Dr. Haw’s research.  Chances are you didn’t see it since it wasn’t front page news.  Follow this link to see the story:

We at Studio 33 Salon & Spa, have continued to use this product, as directed, during the controversy.  As a matter of fact, we went above and beyond and started wearing masks during the procedure “just in case” even though the government (MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet) doesn’t say they are necessary.

Brazilian Blowout is a service we absolutely love to provide our clients.  It is revolutionary and truly changes people lives.  I know that sounds dramatic but we hear it every day.  We only hope we can finally move on and continue to help people fall in love with their hair.



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Diary of a Brazilian Blowout

The following is a photographic diary of a Brazilian Blowout service:

Brazilian Blowout Before

Brazilian Blowout Before

Our models’ hair is very curly, frizzy and thick.  Her blowdry and flatiron would easily take 45 min.  This photo was taken after it was freshly shampooed and just prior to her treatment.  If you double-click on the picture to enlarge, pay special attention to all the frizziness within the hair.

Brazilian Blowout After

Brazilian Blowout After

This photo was taken immediately after her treatment.  It was blown dry with a paddle brush to smooth and a little flat-ironing to smooth the edges.  Her completed look was much sleeker than it had been prior to the treatment and only took 20 minutes.  Taking 25 minutes off her style time!

Brazilian Blowout Day 10

Brazilian Blowout Day 10

This is day 10 after the treatment.  We shampooed the hair so you could see the comparison wet.  If you double-click on this picture, you will see an amazing difference in the frizziness compared to our very first picture.Our model chose not to shampoo her hair for three days.  One of the great benefits of the Brazilian Blowout is you are able to shampoo the next day.  We have seen no difference with how long it lasts either way.  This model normally shampoos every third day anyway.

Brazilian Blowout Week 5

Brazilian Blowout Week 5

At week 5 our model came in with hair that had dried naturally with no products other than the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum.  Something she was never able to do before the treatment.  As you can see her hair is full of body with none of the frizz.

Brazilian Blowout Week 10

Brazilian Blowout Week 10

Week ten and still no sign of the frizz.  At week 12 she decided to have the treatment done again.  There still wasn’t any frizz but she felt her hair was getting too full. Visit our website to get more information. Have a question or comment?  Be sure to post it.  We would love to hear from you.


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